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Xossip – Today we have brought a piece of very important information for you about the website Xossip.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. The government decided to apply a ban on Xossip
3. Xossipy
4. What is the new address of Xossip?
5. Xossip Regional
6. Disclaimer

This was a topic of discussion among a lot of people and there was a question of a lot of people about the Xossip site. This website is banned and blocked and cannot even be opened with any of the VPN.

The reason for this is that this site was not only closed due to the policies of the government, but even the domain name of this site was blocked, and the site was completely closed.

The server for this website was down. But once again this site came live with another domain name and is now fully functional once again.


If you do not know about the Xossip site, then let us tell you that this website is a very popular and famous site. In this website, the users used to get glamour related, 18+ adult content and many other types of content on this website in one place.

Users were also able to watch movies and other videos on xossip. Also, there was a huge collection of photos there. The Xossip site was full of content for today’s young generation and for 18+ adults, and all kinds of content were available here.

So, the people used to visit this website to watch their desired content and enjoy it. If you have used the Xossip site before, then you must know what kind of site it was and what kind of material was available on it.

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And for those who have never visited this site before, we are telling you what kind of site Xossip was and what kind of content was available on this site.

The government decided to apply a ban on Xossip

It should be known that the Xossip site was a forum site designed for adults only. Which was closed under the strict step taken under the policies of the government.

Sites such as Xossip are not good because all kinds of edited and modified photographs and videos are uploaded on this website. These types of pics are illegal and harmful to society.

Along with this, they also have the power to distract the younger generation from the right path.

Such things seem breathtaking to the younger generation and gradually they become addicted to them. So somewhere, the government’s decision to close the xossip site and all other similar sites of this category were right.


But in spite of being closed and banned, this site once again came to the picture. And was re-launched with a new domain name ‘xossipy’.

What is the new address of Xossip? is live now and now the situation is that this site is also visible in google search when you search with xossipy. During our research on this topic, the result that came out in front of us is provided in the below screenshot.

Xossip Regional

There are many categories available on this site as regional and international categories. They have all the famous categories of adult content on their new website Xossipy.


Our aim was to make you aware of the unethical activities going on in the country and the world. Today we will request the younger generation to stay away from such a site. You must use your senses to differentiate the right and wrong activities.

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