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Moviescounter Info – Latest in 2020

If you are looking for Moviescounter info, then you are in right place. Here, I will share all the related information about one of the very famous website Movies Counter. Continue Reading.

Everyone loves to watch movies, don’t you? Movies are an inseparable part of our lives and entertainment of life is always incomplete without movies. Everyone loves watching movies in their free time and watching movies is the best time pass activity.

There are people who are so crazy about watching movies that they want to watch the movie as soon as it is released. People have different opinions about different actors and actresses and they are a fan of different actors and actresses. They always try not to miss the movie of their favorite hero or heroine as and when it is released.

Which actor or actress do you like, or you are a big fan of? Comment down below and let the world know about your choice and your favorite actor or actress. Let us know how he or she is and why do you like that star.

Alright, so now let us get back to our original topic. Let us get detailed Moviescounter Info so that all your questions are covered, and you have sufficient knowledge about this website.

Moviescounter Info

Movies Counter

If you are looking for Moviescounter Info then let me tell you, Moviescounter info is a pirated content providing site. Mainly this website provides pirated movies online. There are many websites available on the internet that provide movies online and this website is also one of them.

This website is a very famous website and people love this website a lot because they get almost all the movies of their choice on this site. With the release of any new film, this website uploads the pirated copy that too in HD format on their website.

When you get the content free of cost then you would obviously love the provider, don’t you? That is the main reason why people love movies counter so much. But as per the law, it is an illegal activity to make copies of any digital content and distribute it without any rights. So basically, this website is also doing an illegal activity by providing the movies online for the public to download.

For that reason, the government keeps banning the URLs of any such sites who provide movies for download online on their site. Movies Counter website is also banned by the government may times. But ultimately, they launch a new website with the same name and different domain extension and once again the site goes live, and their business goes on.

Movies Counter Download

There are many different categories available as movie counter downloads on this website. Hollywood Movies Download, Bollywood Movies Download, Tamil Movies Download, Telugu Movies Download, Malayalam Movies Download, all are available on this website for people to download the movies of their own choice.

These were just a few examples of the type of movies available on the Movies counter website. They have a huge collection of movies in different languages from all over the world. Also, they have dubbed movies from different languages on their website. That is the main reason why people like this website very much.

The people can watch any regional movie in their own language by downloading the dubbed movies. That is something which makes the public very happy and they keep visiting this site, again and again, to search for their favorite movie on this website.

The moment any new movie is released, the team of this website starts working hard to make the move available on their website as soon as possible. There is so much competition in this field also. The one who makes the movie available on his piracy site. They get huge traffic from all over the world on their site.

Because people start searching the movie for download right from the day it is released and whoever makes it available first on their site, will get most of the traffic to their site when the craze of that movie rises among the people.

So, to win the race, these types of websites also compete with each other and keep trying hard to be the first to provide any newly released movie on their website. By doing that they get huge traffic and earn a huge amount of money by advertisements on their site.

Moviescounter Site

Moviescounter site is also a very popular site to make pirated movies available online for download that too free of cost. There is no registration required on this website and anyone can download any movie from this site as per their own choice.

Moviescounter site makes any newly released movie, available on their website as soon as the movie gets released, to be ahead of the race and get most of the traffic from internet users around the world.

By doing that they earn a huge amount of traffic and money from the internet. There are advertisers who place ads on their website and the team who is managing this type of website, earns a huge amount of money from that.

However, it is a complete loss for the filmmakers as they don’t get the profit from the film as much as they deserve. Public interest in watching the movie in theater decreases when the movie is made available online for free download.

It’s obvious that the people would be less willing to pay and watch the movie in the theater when it is available for free for them to download and watch at the convenience of their own house. They save time, money and energy by doing that. Then obviously the interest of watching the same movie in the theater will automatically decrease.

Moviescounter 2020

This website has been banned by the government many times before. But they always launch their website again with a new domain extension. The name of the website is never changed, to maintain its brand name. the only extension at the end changes, such as from .com to .net or .org.

Almost all their domains get banned by the government and they keep repeating the same thing to be in the business what they are doing.

Moviescounter Latest

Moviescounter latest working URL was also banned recently and if you do not know the latest URL of Moviescounter then let me tell you about it. During my research, I came across a working URL of Moviescounter latest website which they have launched.

Not sure if it is from the same team of Moviescounter or some other team started doing this business from their end. But the latest working URL of Moviescounter what I could see available on the internet is what I am providing here for you just as for informational purpose.

Currently, the working URL of Moviescounter in 2020 is Moviescounter. Kim (Moviescounter dot Kim)

Moviescounter Latest URL in 2020:


It is advisable to stay away from such a website as we all know that the government is working hard to stop piracy and it is also our duty to say no to piracy and join our helping hands with the government and make their efforts towards stopping piracy successful.

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