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LayarKaca21 or LayarKacaxxi – Online Movie Streaming Indonesia xxi LayarKacaxxi Website Best Review


LayarKaca21 is also called and written as LayarKacaxxi. So, don’t get confused about the name LayarKaca21 and LayarKacaxxi are the same website. This website is the famous online movie streaming site of Indonesia; millions of people of Indonesia visit this website every month.

Table of Contents
1. What is Layarkaca21 or Layarkacaxxi?
How Layarkaca21 or LayarKacaxxi Website work?
Movies of which Countries are Available On LayarKaca21?
How is Layarkaca21 website structured?
LayarKaca21 Menu items
Layarkaca21 website’s earning report
Layar Kaca 21 website’s traffic report
How to watch movies online?
LayarKaca21 App

They also have a mobile app for their website, Google Play Store link of the app has been provided at the bottom of this article. You can click here to scroll down to the section directly where this app link has been provided or continue reading. 😊

Korean Movie, Hindi Bollywood Movie, Tamil Movie, Hollywood Movies, Punjabi Movies, and Indo Movies are uploaded on such websites. If you do not understand English, then Hindi Dubbed Movies are also uploaded here. So that people in every country can visit this website.

What is Layarkaca21 or Layarkacaxxi?

The name of this website is a bit strange, Layarkaca21 because this site operates from Indonesia xxi. And here on the site, movies from every country are available. This website ‘Layarkacaxxi’ puts Movies on its website without any permission. On this website, you can watch Online free movies if you want. And next to the movies’ name the Download button is also given. Meaning you can download movies if you want.

How Layarkaca21 or LayarKacaxxi Website work?

The team of LayarKacaxxi website downloads movies from other similar websites and upload them on their website. You must be thinking about how they upload so many Films on their website. So, let me tell you that a lot of people work on this kind of website, not one single person.

And their Internet Speed ​​is also tremendous. If 1 person uploads 20 movies on the site in a day, then you can imagine, if 10 people upload 20-20 movies on this website then how many movies can be uploaded per day. If 200 movies are uploaded in 1 day then 6000 movies are uploaded in 1 month.

So, guys this way Films are uploaded on Layarkaca21 xxi. This website is always live so that visitors can get their favorite movies.

Movies of which Countries are Available On Layar Kaca 21 xxi?

People from every country come to LayarKacaxxi because all kinds of movies are uploaded here. Here we have listed the names of all those countries which are available on this site.

Website Name Countries

layarkaca21 Ru
Australia, Austria, Belgium,
Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus,
Denmark, El Salvador, France,
Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland,
India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico,
New Zealand, Norway, Panama,
Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia,
South Korea, Spain, Sweden,
Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States

So, above is the name of all those countries and a list of all the websites of LayarKacaxxi. Because a lot of websites by this name rule the Internet. That’s why you should know about this website.

How is Layarkaca21 xxi website structured?

Now let us discuss the structure of this website, friends, this website is also like other websites of this category. But the special thing in LayarKacaxxi is that on this website you will get to see more categories and movies.

The structure of this website –

First, you will get to see 6 categories in Upper Navigation Menu such as- Home, Genre, Country, Movies, Series, and DMCA Notice Page.

Also, Sub Menu is given in Genre and Country such as-

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animasi
  • Animation
  • Anime
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Horror
  • Komedi
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • SciFiction
  • Thriller
  • War
  • Western

And the names of countries in the Country Menu, which we have mentioned in “Countries Available on LayarKacaxxi” section above. And at the bottom of this website, 6 categories are given on Footer Menu. Like: LayarkacaXXI, Quality, Genre, Negara, Download, and Streaming.


LayarKaca21 Menu items


  • Home
  • FAQ
  • Privacy
  • DMCA

LayarKaca21 Sub Menu items

LayarKacaxxi Movie Quality:

  • Blu
  • HD
  • SD
  • Cam

LayarKacaxxi Genre:

  • Fantasy
  • Animation
  • Romance
  • Comedy

LayarKacaxxi Available Country Languages


  • Japan
  • United States
  • South Korea
  • Indonesia

Download from LayarKaca21:

  • Terbaik 1001
  • Now Playing
  • Box Office
  • Popular
LayarKacaxxi Category
LayarKaca21 category

LayarKacaxxi is mainly for Indo people. Because this website is the top website of Indonesia.

So, this was about the Layar Kaca 21 website structure, I hope you guys have understood what LayarKacaxxi and Layarkaca21 is, and how this site works – and how the structure of this website is. Now we will try to know about this website in detail.

For this, we have extracted the data of this website from another website. Such as Layarkaca21 Site’s income, visitors to this website and some more information about this website.

All the details shared here is only for education purpose, we never encourage people to visit this website.

Check out The similar sites in this Category

Layarkaca21 website’s earning report according to WorthofWeb

We checked the details of Layarkaca21 on the WorthofWeb website and during our research about this website we found that the total value of this website is $ 31,531 dollars. If we convert it to Indonesian Rupiah, then it is equal to 445454202 Rupiah. This is the current value of this website. Value can also increase in the future.

You will be surprised to hear – this website earns $ 98 Dollar every day, which is equal to 13,84,495 Rupiah per day in Indonesian currency.

Every month Layarkaca21 income is $ 2,940 Dollar i.e. 4,15,34,850 Indonesian Rupiah per month, and every year this website earns more than $ 35,280 dollar. If you convert that to The Indonesian currency, then it is equal to 498418200.00 Indonesian Rupiah per year.

That was all about the earning of the Layarkaca21 website, now we will know about the traffic of this website.

Layar Kaca 21 website’s traffic report according to Worthofweb

According to Worthofweb, 6,591 people visit this website every day. That is, 197,730 people visit this website every month to watch Online Movies. That means 2,372,760 visitors come to the LayarKacaxxi website in 1 year.

And, if we talk about the pageviews of this website – then this website gains 32,822 pageviews every day. That is, every month pageviews of 984,660, if we count for 1 year, then there are 11,815,920 pageviews on this website per year.

What is Layar Kaca xxi Indo?

Indo means people or language of Indonesia, most of the people who visit the Layar Kaca website are from Indonesia, then from Malaysia and the United States.

Layar Kaca xxi

Layar Kaca is a website and xxi is a category. When you visit the website Layar Kaca 21, you will see XXI categories just below. Those categories are mentioned in the Layarkaca21 menu section of this post above.

LayarKaca21 or Layar Kaca 22?

LayarKaca22 and LayarKaca21 These are both the version of this website. Such websites are always banded from the government and Google. Because copyright content is uploaded on such a website. It is against the law to do this.

How is the movie uploaded on this website?

Such websites download movies from other websites and upload them on their website. These people download the film from Torrent and upload it to their servers.

Movies are downloaded from Torrent and uploaded to their server, then the user can watch that movie online.

Now, is it legal to do so? So, it is not legal to do so. In this way, providing free content without any permission is called Piracy.

 What is Movie piracy?

Movie piracy – it is illegal to do. If someone leaked the movie before or after its release. So, doing this is called movie piracy and those contents are called pirated movies. If someone is caught doing movie piracy, he can also be jailed.

Free Movie Download website works like this, some websites take videos from Youtube and put them on their website or upload them to their website as mp3. example: mp3juices

If you want to know details about Movie Piracy, then you must watch this video-

In this video, movie piracy has been thoroughly explained. After watching this video, you will understand why movie piracy is Illegal.

You must be thinking now that if it is illegal to watch movies from sites like LayarKaca21 then what is the legal way to watch movies online without worrying about anything. That’s a genuine question which comes to almost everyone’s mind. So, let us now discuss the legal ways to watch the movies online and enjoy to the fullest without worrying.

How to watch movies online?

If you want to enjoy watching movies online, then you should always go to the paid website and watch the movie. There are many sites available nowadays, such as-

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Alt Balaji

If you watch any movies from any of the websites mentioned above, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you watch movies from a website like Layar Kaca 21, then you may have to face ads. Because the LayarKacaxxi website is full of ads.


Here, we have discussed the Layar Kaca 21 website. This website is a very famous website in Indonesia. Layarkaca21 website is also known as LayarKacaxxi and millions of people visit this website worldwide every month.

The special category of this website is Layar Kaca xxi. This website has a greater number of visitors from Indonesia, if you want to know about the LayarKaca21 website then you can perform a simple Google search with the name Layarkaca21 or Layarkacaxxi and you will have all the details available in Google about this website.

Layar Kaca 21 App

They also have a mobile app available on Google Play Store. You can click here to go directly to the Play Store download page.

LayarKaca21 App
LayarKaca21 App


Movie piracy is an illegal activity. We are strictly against Movie Piracy. All the content published on our website is just for the purpose of providing information and creating awareness among people and is not intended to promote/support piracy or pirated content or illegal movie websites in any way.

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