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Hdfriday – No. 1 Punjabi Movie Download Website


Hdfriday is one of the best movies downloading website for Punjabi movies. You will find a huge collection of Punjabi Movies here to download for free, that too in Full HD. If you like Punjabi Movies, then this is the site for you.

However, they do not only have limited collection of just Punjabi Movies but also all other types of Bollywood, Hollywood and other regional movies are available on their website. Not only that, but you will also find TV Serials and web series on their website.

On this website you will find separate categories for “Dubbed in Hindi” and “South Hindi Dubbed Movies” where all other regional language movies are available in the Hindi language for you to download and watch. This is something that makes this website very unique as you won’t find this option easily elsewhere.

This website is very user-friendly. They have placed the banners of movies on their website in a very neat and clean manner. You will also be able to see what percentage of people have liked the movie or TV serial as soon as you open their website. By displaying these details, they have made their website even more user-friendly as people will like to watch something which is liked by many other people already.

Though there are many other websites available for you to watch movies online or to download movies from. But this one is a different one. When you open this website, you won’t even see a single Ad on this website like other similar websites where they place the ads all over their site.

If you are looking for downloading FULL HD Movies from the internet, then Hdfriday is for you. Let me tell you how to download your favorite movie from Hd Friday with ease.

Hdfriday com Download Latest Movies

Hdfriday Punjabi provides almost all types of movies for download. It is also very easy to download movies from their website. They have given nice and beautiful buttons for different types of downloads. Once you open the movie page as per your choice, you will see different buttons to start the download.

Once you click on your desired button, it will take you to the download page from where you can easily download your favorite movies. Hdfriday com Download Latest Movies really provides you all the latest movies for download and this is the only website that also lists the upcoming movies on their website openly at the bottom of their website.

While doing the research about this website, I found that the upcoming movie uploads are openly mentioned on their website and they are letting their users know in advance about the movie which they are going to upload next, when it gets released.

Exciting, isn’t it? It is a very unique thing I could see on their website.

I have provided all of their latest links below which I could find on the internet. Depending on when you check the links, the chances are that there might be some of them already banned by the government but all of them cannot stop working at the same time. So, try with those links and see which one works when you check.

Hdfriday Punjabi Dubbed Hollywood, Bollywood, Dual Audio Movies Download in 1080p

By going to the Hdfriday Punjabi website, you won’t only be able to Download Punjabi Movies. But also, you will be able to download Bollywood, Hollywood, South, Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi, English movies. It is very easy to download them. Along with this, you will also get web series and tv shows. You just have to go to the section of your choice on this website. Once it is found, you can follow their specific links and get it.

At the bottom of the Hdfriday Punjabi website, it has also been told how you can download the movies listed in them. You can also learn about this website by going to their About Us page to know more about their team and how it works.

You can contact this website by visiting the Contact Us Page. You can also request for any films from their contact us page if the movie which you are searching for is not already available on their website. hd
hd hd
hd hd
hd hd
hd hd friday.system
hd friday.string hd friday.lite
hd hdfriday.proxy

Above you will find the latest working links for hd friday. These links are working as of now but not sure till when they will keep working as the government keeps banning these types of URLs as and when they find them online.

As of today, the most recently launched website which is available online in the top position is “”. This link is not only in working conditions but also in the top position of Google.

Hdfriday Fiz

Hdfriday Fiz is also working fine as of now. Hdfriday Fiz is also very popular and from the same parent website. This is just a subsidiary of the original Punjabi Movie download website.

This website also provides all types of movies for free download. They have almost all types of movies available on their website and also provide TV serials for free download. They are not only limited to Bollywood or Regional movies, Serials and Web Series but they also provide Hollywood Movies and web series on their website.

Hdfriday Hollywood

Hdfriday Hollywood is a separate category for Hdfriday Hollywood movies. You will find all the Hollywood movies listed in this category. They also have Hollywood Movies dubbed in other languages so that users will be able to watch them in their own language and enjoy it.

Hdfriday Hollywood provides all Hollywood movies in full HD quality and they also have the movies available in 300MB which is easy to download quickly depending on your internet speed.


Hdfridaymovie has gained a lot of popularity online. Hdfridaymovie was originally launched to provide Punjabi Movies for download but slowly they covered all other areas too and started providing Hindi, English and other regional movies on their website.

Hdfridaymovie provides all types of movies today and this site is not limited to just movies, but they also provide all TV Serials and Web Series on their website.


Hdfriday Punjabi is a pirated movie providing site. It is illegal to make pirated copies of original films and provide them online for download. It is good to stay away from these types of websites that are involved in illegal activities of piracy. Delight News does not support piracy.

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