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Extramovies – Epic Website to Download Movies Online

Extramovies Best for 300MB Movies Download

If you like to watch movies in your free time, then this website “Extramovies” is going to be your favorite for sure. There are many extensions of this website,,, etc. but you need to know which one is working currently then only you will be able to download and watch your favorite movie with ease.

Today, I will tell you about this website as well as I will let you know how to download movies from this website and also let you know the working link for this site. So, continue reading.

What is ExtraMovies Pro Website?

Like all other movies downloading website, Extra movies is also a pirated movie providing website. There are many similar sites from where you can download and watch movies without difficulty such as Onlinemoviewatchs, Filmywap, Tamilyogi, Moviezwap, etc. but there is something very special about this website Extramovies 2020 which separates this website from all other websites.

This website is mainly famous for providing the movies in just 300MB of file size. So, you do not have to wait for a long time for your download to complete. Speed of the internet is evolving day by day and it takes very little time today to download 300 MB files from the internet.

This is the main reason why this website is also named as Extramovies Guru. There are many reasons to make this website unique and separates this website from all other movie providing sites available online.

Extramovies Guru

It is very easy to find the latest released movies on this website. Sometimes you might notice that the movie gets uploaded even before it’s the release date. Not sure how does that happen but it does happen for sure. This website has categorized the movies in a very well manner to make their website very user-friendly.

You get to download HD movies from this website that too free of cost. The file size available is also too less as compared to other websites. You will find Dual Audio 300MB HD Movies available on this website for you to download or watch online.

Extramovies Guru is liked by all due to the availability of high-quality dual audio film on their site and the user-friendly interface makes it easier to search for your favorite movies and download them easily.

There have been many websites coming with this same name but most of them got banned by the government and the internet service providers have banned their URL so that people will not be able to open them.

If you do not know the correct URL of this website, then you will not be able to download any movie from this site. So, here I will provide you all the URLs of this particular website and I will also provide you the latest working URL of Extra movies which I found during my research on the internet.

Below you will find all of their URLs which they have used in recent times. There are chances that some of them might not work when you try to open it depending on how soon the internet service providers ban that URL. But if you try with these URLs then you will surely get the desired result.
Extra Extra Extra
Extra Extra

Depending on when you try opening these URLs and how soon your internet provider bans these URLs based on the input received from the government, you might find some of them not working as you won’t be able to open the link. But still I have provided you the entire list so that it will be easy for you to find the working link.

As of today, while writing this post, when I searched for this website then I also found another link that I want to share with you. The most current link, in working condition and not only that in the top position of google. Yes, the link was in the first position of the google search result when I checked.

Let me share that link with you, if you are lucky enough and you see this post sooner then you as well will surely find this link working.

Though I am not sure if this is from the same website team of Extra movies or not. But this is the latest one which I could see. It might be from the same team or someone else might be trying to take advantage of the fame of the Extramovies website to make it their business.

As there cannot be any complaint against these types of websites and there would be no copyright issue even if someone else makes a copy website of the original one. As they all are doing the illegal business of pirated movies, where will they go to complain about duplication of their own website?

This is the reason why it is very difficult to say which website is from the original team and which all are duplicate websites of that original one. It is very hard for the government as well to find this out. So, they keep applying ban as and when these websites get noticed on the internet.

But there are so many of them that it is very difficult to ban them all. The moment one of the websites is banned a backup website with the same name and different extension is made available by the team. So, it has become a tedious task for the government to stop piracy completely.


Delight News does not promote piracy and this article is intended only to provide you the information about the Extramovies website and their illegal activities and not to promote it. Delight News is strictly against piracy. You should always find a legal way to watch the movies as downloading from illegal sources is considered a crime.

So be wise and chose the right method to watch movies.

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