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The distribution of pirated films continues despite the ban on Downloadhub.

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1. Introduction
Bollywood films are leaked every month on Downloadhub
Bollywood industry’s efforts are insufficient
Links of Downloadhub
Downloadhub is an illegal pirated movie download site
Announcement of closure of the website was made
Downloadhub Operations
There are many such piracy websites in India
Piracy business starts again after changing the name

Introduction of Downloadhub

Despite the ban on piracy in India, the process of leaking online movies has not stopped. The government makes several attempts to ban pirated websites, but all attempts fail.

These websites start their work again with the new domain name and extension. This website had announced the closure of business in March 2018, but even today Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available for download illegally on this website.

Several Bollywood films are leaked every month on Downloadhub

Like other illegal pirated websites, HD prints of many movies are available on the Downloadhub website. Apart from this, links to download these films are also available on this website.

Many times, they make a copy of the film from handheld cameras in cinema halls. The prints of pirated films on these websites are of very good quality. Due to being free, users download it from such websites.

Bollywood industry’s efforts are insufficient

The Bollywood industry has made several efforts against these illegal and pirated content websites along with Cyber ​​Security Forces, but these are not enough. They resume their work once again after the closure of their website.

Different domain names are running Downloadhub

The website has been banned many times but each time it gets activated again with a different domain name. Even now, if you search on Google under the name of Downloadhub, then this website will be shown to you with many domain names and on this website, Hollywood movies and shows are also available for free to download.

Below we have given some links of downloadhub which were popular.

1. downloadhub.ws7.
2. downloadhub.cc8.
3. downloadhub.in9.
4. download hub.ws10.
5. download hub. ws11. download hub.
6. download hub proxy12. download hub ws

The Downloadhub site is an illegal pirated movie download site

All efforts of the government to control film piracy are proving insufficient. Piracy is a serious crime in India but in spite of this, there is no reduction in online piracy.

Download hub is a website featuring illegal and pirated films. This website is also known for its pirated films outside India. Despite being closed several times, it starts working again under the new name.

Announcement of closure of the website was made

Downloadhub had announced the closure of its website. The website is in high demand on the Internet. Both Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available for free to download on this website.

New movies are immediately available for download on the website. In March, a message was written on the homepage of Download hub, which told about its closure. About 9.8 crore users visit this website every month.

Downloadhub Operations

The Downloadhub website has users worldwide. This website was started only for three years and during this period, after being banned in many countries, this website has changed its name many times.

Despite all the efforts made to stop this website from operating and uploading pirated contents illegally they again start operating with new domain extension when the government removes their existing domain from the internet.

There are many such piracy websites in India too

There are many pirated and illegal websites in India which are running their business indiscriminately. TamilRockers is also a website on which the government has applied the ban many times, while TamilGun, Filmywap, TamilYogi, and Movierulz are similar illegal pirated websites, these websites have been run legal bar several times, but even then, the process of providing pirated movies illegally has not stopped.

Everyone knows how to download movies from download hub for free. The process is there, but not sure why people like downloading movies from this website a lot. Since demand is much more, so the number of people making such websites also increases.

Downloadhub is such a website where you find any movie of any year like 2017, 2018, 2019, such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and more, in all languages, movies are available here and you can also get web series.

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Piracy business starts again after changing the name

Downloadhub Google Search
Downloadhub – Google Search Result

Such illegal and pirated websites may announce the closure of their business, but they start their work again under a different name. On the Internet, Downloadhub is still doing its work with many different domain names and on it, from Hollywood to Bollywood movies and shows are available for download.

However, downloading anything from such a website is not only illegal, but it also increases the chances of a virus getting into your device which can completely corrupt your device.


Piracy is a crime under Indian law. The purpose of this news is to inform you about illegal activities so that you stay away from such sites. Do not download movies through these sites.

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