Delight News Coronavirus Update - COVID 19 Latest update

Coronavirus Update – COVID 19 Latest update

Coronavirus Update

According to the Coronavirus Update doctors, after completing one phase, there is now a need to be more vigilant at the local level. Local transmission has increased the risk of its spread.

Coronavirus Update After China, the Coronavirus epidemic that ravaged Italy, Covid 19 has started showing its horrors as it enters India. So far four people have died of the deadly coronavirus spreading in J Sheep.

While 177 people across the country are reported to be infected with it. After completing the first phase, the coronavirus is now changing its mood.

Now the coronavirus has entered the second phase. Where the possibility of its spread at the local level has increased immensely. In such a situation, this disease can take a more frightening form by coming into contact with known and unknown suspects.

In such a situation, stay away from each other as much as possible. The next 15 days are very important. Additional vigilance has to be taken during this period. As a precaution, keep as little external contact as possible, avoid going to crowded places.

Strictly follow the instructions being given by the government for precaution. To protect the family, stay away from its local transmission.

In the first phase, the virus spread through visitors from the countries affected by the coronavirus and people coming in contact with them, in the second phase, is slowly finding ways of local spread. In such a situation, the danger of its spread in public places is the greatest.

However, the coronavirus, which has been confined until now, can take a frightening form after the second phase. In this phase, there is a constant contact of unknowingly frequent people, in such a situation, one can transmit the disease to thousands of infected people.

The more the number of suspected patients, the more our difficulties will increase. This can make the situation worse in times to come.

COVID 19 Latest update

According to doctors, the third stage can be even more dangerous. Because in this phase, many such patients can come out, about whom it is very difficult to gather complete information. In such a situation, there will be difficulties from isolation to quarantine.

The possibility of spreading the corona virus to the lower levels of society will increase. In the fourth phase, due to the spread of the disease at the community level, the corona virus will engulf large populations. Then it will become a truly epidemic catastrophe. In this context, it is very important and important to control the corona in the second phase itself.

The doctor says that the terms isolation and quarantine are new to most people. In such a situation, people are getting scared by the name of the Corona virus. It is necessary to know that in isolation those suspected and infected patients are kept in the grip of this dangerous virus. They are then treated alone and treated in a procedural manner.

Talking about quarantine, it is said to cause problems for many people. However, the truth is not at all true. In quarantine, the infected patient is kept in a separate ward or room for a fixed period of time. So that this disease does not spread to other people. In this process, family members are also kept away from the infected patient.

This has become the worst situation across the globe. It is very important to stay safe and maintain social distancing for now.That means avoid places with more crowd, stay at home if it is not mandatory to go out for some reason. Wash your hands frequently and better to keep a small bottle of sanitizer in your pocket and use it frequently.

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Coronavirus Update – COVID 19 Latest update

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