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Coronavirus in India

Coronavirus in India Latest Update

Coronavirus in India is increasing rapidly. The number of Corona patients increased from 3 to 656 in less than a month, this figure is increasing every day.

Corona virus cases are increasing rapidly, and more than 600 people have been infected in India so far. India is currently in the second phase.

The corona virus is spreading rapidly in India and has infected more than 600 people so far. As per the latest news, 656 cases have been reported. So far 16 people have died due to corona virus.

And so far, more than 4 lakh people have been infected with the corona virus worldwide and more than 21 thousand people have died.

India has taken the right steps in time, due to which India is now in the second phase, otherwise, India’s condition could have been like Italy.

Meanwhile, the Government of India has put a strong brake on the spread of this virus by locking it all over the country. The impact of this tough decision will definitely be seen on the corona virus.

Patient increases with each passing day

As of March 1, there were only 3 Corona cases in the country, which were from Kerala. All three are now right. Corona virus started spreading rapidly in India from 2 March, when three new cases were reported.

One of them returned to India from Italy was a Delhi man, the other was a Telangana man returned home from Dubai and the third one was an Italian tourist who came to visit Jaipur in Rajasthan.

From March 2, the corona virus started spreading in India, which has not stopped yet. With each passing day, patients are increasing. Up to 16 people have died and till now this infection has spread to about 656 people as per the report.

The number of people infected with the corona virus in India has risen to 656. According to the Health Department’s website, there are 613 infected people living in India, while 43 cases are Indians from abroad.

The health ministry and the home ministry held a joint press conference on Wednesday on the announcement of the lockdown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday.

In this, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health Luv Agarwal asked the countrymen not to take Hydroxychloroquine medicine on their own if they are suspected of Corona virus infection.

He clearly stated that the drug Hydroxychloroquine will be given only to health workers who are dealing with patients suspected of corona.

Or will be given to the family of those who have been confirmed with corona infection. This order must be followed in full.

He said that there are some side effects of this medicine, which only doctors can understand. He requested the countrymen not to buy and use hydroxychloroquine medicine from the medical store.

Also, he told medical stores not to give this medicine to anyone without a prescription.

Coronavirus in India – Key Points

  • More than 4 lakh people have been infected with Corona virus worldwide so far
  • Corona virus is spreading rapidly in India and has infected more than 600 people so far.
  • India is currently in the second phase.

State governments have been asked to strictly follow the orders of the Home Quarantine. Keep people from abroad in-home quarantine. Action will be taken against those who violate the Home Quarantine Order.

118 government laboratories and 29 private labs in the country for corona test

Currently, corona is being tested in 118 labs of the government across the country. In these labs, 12 thousand samples are being tested every day. Apart from this, 29 private labs have also been allowed to investigate.

Apart from this, 16 thousand sample collection centers are running. All these labs have to follow the ICMR rules.

Supply of essential goods will continue

The Ministry of Home Affairs said that efforts are being made to ensure that there is no problem in the supply of essential commodities in collaboration with the State Governments.

Under the Disaster Management Act, the state governments have been told that there should be no shortage of essential goods. The Ministry of Home Affairs is monitoring this entire process.

The help of Ministries like Food, Pharma, Aviation, Railways, etc. is being taken in it. On the orders of the Ministry of Home Affairs, all the states have issued helpline numbers, on which calls can be made available in every area.

The Ministry of Home Affairs assured that in the next 24 hours, essential goods will be supplied to every part of the country.

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