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Bioskopkeren is an Indonesia based VIP website. Where you get the facility to watch movies online, you can also download movies online. Before this, we have told about some famous free movie streaming websites of Indonesia and Korea such as – Bioskopkeren 21 and Duniya 21.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Earning Report of Bioskopkeren
Traffic Report of Bioskopkeren
Bioskopkeren website Structure
How website is Categorized
New Links of Bioskopkeren
How to watch a movie online?

If you want to know about the Bioskopkeren.Best website in detail, then keep reading this post.

We will tell you about this website. This website was created in the year 2014. And within a few months of the time, it became very famous and now this website is one of the top online movie websites in Indonesia.

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Most people visit Bioscope on this website. This website gets visitors from Indonesia, United States Singapore and Australia. A lot of websites have been created under the name Bioskopkeren and Nonton drama Korea.

But the name of the original website is Bioskop Keren. Here you will find a lot of movies. This site is very famous for download film Terbaru and film Apik.

On this website, you will also find Hindi dubbed movies.

Some information about the website

The website is operated from Panama and the domain of this website is both called Bioskopkeren.TV and

There are different extensions for this website. Bioskop is a redirect to the Bioskop keren.TV.

We will learn about the earnings and traffic of the website now.

According to the report of Worthofweb website, the total value of this website is $75,500,000. That is a huge amount, really. In Indonesian Rupiah this amount is equal to 1059642500000.00 Rp. Which is quite a joy for the owner of this website, right?

bioskopkeren xyz

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Earning Report

The daily earning of this website is $23,187 that is 325429545.00 Rp according to Indonesian Rupiah. It’s just one-day earning, just imagine. And every month, the website earns $695,610 i.e., 9762886350.00 Rp in Indonesian currency. $8,347,320 which is 117154636200.00 Rp Indonesian Rupiah is the earning of this website ( in a year.

Bioskopkeren earning report

We will now check the traffic report for this website.

Traffic Report

Now we will talk about the traffic report for this website: So, more than 1,546,000 people visit this website every day. Monthly 46,380,000 people and the number of estimated visitors per year is around 556,560,000.

Bioskopkeren traffic report

Now let us check the Pageviews of this website:

On average Bioskop Keren XYZ receives 7,729,543 daily pageviews, 231,886,290 monthly page views and 2,782,635,480 page views per year. So, you guys can now understand how famous this website is.

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The most visited and very famous website in Indonesia. Bioskopkeren receives most of the visitors from Indonesia, 2nd highest number of visitors are from Malaysia and the United States is in 3rd position in the list of the number of visitors per day to this website.

There are visitors from other countries as well, but people from these 3 countries visit this site the most. And, the traffic source on this website is 6.53% from organic search and 16.83% direct, 1.94% social, 1.24% referrals, 0.75% display ads and 0.72% of the visitors come from email campaigns.

Bioskopkeren website Structure

The structure of this website is very relaxed and also easy to navigate using the navigation menu.

On the top navigation of this website, you will see 6 menus. And in every top menu, you will get to see sub-menus like Action movie, adventure movie, animation movie, Crime Movie, Drama Movie, Family Movie, Horror Movie, Mystery Movie, Romantic Movie, Thriller Movie, and War Movie.

How website is Categorized

Now we will talk about the category of this website. This website contains many different menus and categories. But in this Bioskopkeren TV category menu on the website is a bit different.

This website has only 2 categories and within each category, there are 4 subcategories.

Bioskopkeren Categories

Apart from this here you will also have Hindi Bollywood Movies, Tamil Movies, Telugu Movies, Kannada Movies, Malayalam Movies, and Marathi Movies, all these are available to download and watch online.

If you are unable to open this website in the Chrome browser, then you can use Opera or Firefox browsers.

New and Old Links of Bioskopkeren Website

Let me first inform you that all these types of websites are illegal, so the government wants to close all these websites.

But still, the owner of the website opens a new website again with a new but similar URL by just changing the extension of the old URL. The owner of the movie website has a lot of domains available because these people already buy domain names of different extensions.

When there is a case of Google acting against a domain – all that website is removed from Google. So, these people redirect the old domain to the new domain. Then, whenever a user visits the old domain, they are automatically redirected to the new domain.

This makes the owner of the website not have to face traffic loss. So, here we will give you information about all the new and old domain extensions that have been redirected.

New Links of Bioskopkeren

Bioskop-keren xyz Bioskop keren semi Bioskop keren fun
Bioskop keren ws Bioskop keren tv
Bioskop keren net Bioskop keren org
Bioskop keren in Bioskop-keren Fun
Bioskop keren real Bioskop keren tw
Bioskop keren Blue
Bioskop keren vip Bioskop-keren ru
Bioskopkeren CO Bioskop keren club Bioskopkeren Org

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How to watch a movie online?

Guys when you visit this website, you will first see the newly uploaded movies. And, then the categories of movies will appear above. If you want to watch a movie in Hindi, then type in Google – Bioskopkeren Vip Hindi film or movie.

So, when you click the movie link, then you will get the facility to watch the movie online. You can also download if you want. The download option is also given below. website is going to tell about some famous movies list of this famous movie name, which is the top famous movie on this website.

Such as – Download film Terbaru, Bioskop Keren, film Apik, Nonton film Bioskop, Bioskopkeren21, Nonton drama Korea, Bioskop Keren 21, film Keren, Abyss Movie Drama Korea, Terbaru Film Indonesia, Game of Thrones.

So, now the question is whether uploading a movie like this is legal or illegal? Downloading movies from Bioskopkeren is legal and illegal?

So, guys if you upload or download any content without rights and permission and If you give it to the users for free, then the work is illegal.

The government is taking many steps to stop movie piracy. If you want to watch a movie, then you should always choose the legal way. is a very famous and still very popular pirated movie downloading site from Indonesia.

At present, this website is not a regional website but it receives visitors from all over the world. leaks movies online from all the continents and that is the main reason why this website gets global traffic.


Movie Piracy is an illegal activity and our website is strictly against movie piracy. So, all the contents published on our website is just for the purpose of information and is not implied to promote/support piracy or pirated content or illegal movie websites in any way.

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