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Best Solar Panels In India

In this article, you will get detailed information about Top Solar Panel Brands Of India and Best Solar Panels In India.

With the increasing environmental problems in the world, the problem of fuel is also increasing rapidly. Resources used in the form of fuel, such as gasoline, diesel and other types of gases have also gone beyond the limit. With the problem of the elimination of fuel, the problem was also increasing at a rapid pace, what can be done if these resources are over.

Sun is a resource full of immense power and what if we start making fuel from the sun. Working in this direction, scientists created solar energy.

So far solar energy has been created only as a primary energy source, but solar energy can be seen as other sources in the coming years.

The device that produces solar energy is called a solar panel. Solar panels require high-quality solar energy.

Top Solar Panel Brands of India – Best Solar Panels in India

List of Best Solar Panels In India

Table of Contents
1. Luminous
2. Microtek
3. Havells
4. Exide
5. Loom Solar Private Limited
6. Tata Power Solar Systems Limited
7. Adani
8. Patanjali Solar

Best Solar Panels In India
Best Solar Panels In India

1. Luminous

Luminous had come in the market as an inverter company in its early days, but since then Luminous has expanded and Luminous also produces solar products at the present time.

The most positive point on behalf of Luminous is their experience. Luminous has been working as the manufacture of solar products for more than thirty years.

Due to good gains in the market, it is called the most reliable power backup company. It mainly provides grid solar products.

2. Microtek

As soon as listening to the name of Microtech, the presence of the inverters in the houses is noticed. Launched in 1989, the access to MicroTech is now at home. The reason for trends in the market towards MicroTech is the quality products of MicroTech.

MicroTech offers a total of 25 years of warranty on its solar products, as well as MicroTech’s solar products, are quite economical. MicroTech’s Solar Panel features EVA encapsulation as well as features of anti-deflection.

3. Havells

Havells is one of the most famous and trusted brands in the Indian market. This company is also very powerful in India as well as in the international market.

Many people see solar energy only for summer days, but the Hewell’s solar products have proved this to be totally incorrect. You must be surprised to know that the Havel’s solar products do good work in any type of season and they also carry positive energy. The products of Havells start from 75 watts in the market and are present for a total of 325 watts.

4. Exide

Exide is considered one of the most trusted companies in Indian markets.

Exide produces the 150-watt solar panel, during which Exide provides a total of 25 years of warranty.

The specialty of solar products made by Exide is that they are made by photovoltaic technology, due to which these solar products are more advanced than other products.

5. Loom Solar Private Limited

Loom Solar is a solar product company in Faridabad, Haryana. The main reason for customers’ trends towards Loom Solar’s solar products is the time taken by Loom Solar. Any customer can only use Loom Solar production in 24 hours.

This company is quite ahead in this case due to its reach in every field. Along with this, the quality of Loom Solar products is also new technology, which is why it lures customers much more.

Loom Solar

Significantly, Loom is a Solar Mono Panel manufacturer that produces solar products ranging from 50 watts to 350 watts. Along with this Loom Solar company has also launched the Solar AC Module which will run without the inverter battery, as we can run a fan, cooler, air conditioner, refrigerator, LCD light, water motor, and pump, etc. at home.

You can apply this product to your homes in just 3 days. In today’s day, more than 1 million people have visited the website of Loom Solar Company, more than 200 Solar Products, 10 Top Solar Brands products deliver to you.

6. Tata Power Solar Systems Limited

Tata Solar is a company established in Karnataka, Bangalore. Tata is also very strong in India as well as in the international market, due to which the company continues to upgrade its solar panel with new technologies all the time. Currently, features of EPC technology have been added to Tata’s Best Solar Panels in India.

After the continued efforts of Tata, so far Tata has set up a total of 200 Mega Watts of Rooftop Solar Project in the country. On the other hand, Tata’s performance at the international level, Tata has provided more than 1.4 Gigawatts of solar products. It’s only a figure of 20 years.

7. Adani

Adani Solar was started in 1988 by the Adani Group of Gujarat. Its main function was to make better solar products.

This company produces solar products ranging from 100 watts to 330 watts. Adani Company has been continuously expanding and improving its technology, which is why the trust of customers on Adani has also been very high.

In a form of improvement and expansion, Adani Group has been aiming to build 3 Gigawatts of solar panels by 2020, which will further increase its size in the market.

8. Patanjali Solar

Patanjali is one of India’s fastest-growing companies. The company has so far made several such products which have been declared 100% pure by the company. Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali is not exactly behind in the field of the solar panel.

Patanjali Renewable Energy Private Limited was formed by Patanjali, whose work is to create solar products.

Patanjali has brought revolution in India’s markets by making polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar products from 10Wp to 340wp in India. Patanjali’s confidence in their products is to the extent that Patanjali’s solar products receive a maximum of 25 years of warranty.

Price of Best Solar Panels In India

Range of Panel Efficiency Range of Watt (Watts) Price Per Watts (in ₹)
17% 250-300 47
  above 300 47
18% 250-300 48
  above 300 50
19% 0-50 46
  50-100 43
  100-150 45
  150-200 45
  200-250 45
  250-300 42
Range of Panel Efficiency Range of Watt (Watts) Price Per Watts (in ₹)
Less than 13% 0-50 55
  100-150 52
  150-200 52
  200-250 48
13% 0-50 64
  50-100 59
  150-200 52
14% 0-50 88
  50-100 49
  100-150 54
  150-200 53
  200-250 52
15% 50-100 63
  100-150 50
  150-200 46
  200-250 39
  250-300 37
16% 50-100 68
  100-150 78
  150-200 59
  200-250 78
  250-300 40
  above 300 37
17% 0-50 73
  50-100 36
  100-150 34
  150-200 36
  200-250 30
  250-300 32
  above 300 36
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